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What is Your Competitive Advantage

2 min read What is Your Competitive Advantage Many entrepreneurs are unaware of what gives their product a competitive advantage, confusing anecdotal stories for concrete

To Invest or Not to Invest

2 min read To Invest or Not to Invest In the startup world, everyone has a grand idea, but how do you know when to

What Investors Look For

2 min read What Investors Look For So you’re about to raise funding for your startup and wonder what investors look for. Startups can be pretty

Bootstrapping Your Business

1 min read Bootstrapping Your Business At its core, bootstrapping is about starting your business from the ground up without the help of outside sources.

Technical Due Diligence

2 min read Technical Due Diligence Technical Due Diligence (TDD) is a detailed evaluation of a company’s technical side, including existing software and hardware products

Investing in Diversity

2 min read  Investing in Diversity As an investor, it’s essential to consider investing in human and social capital. Research suggests that investing in human

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