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The Thorough Approach to Due Diligence

3 min read  The Thorough Approach to Due Diligence. A startup investment goes through a series of stages. The first stage is the pitch presentation,

Team Due Diligence

1 min read No one wants to invest in a startup that is doomed to fail; enter Team Due Diligence. “What we hope ever to

Technical Due Diligence

2 min read Technical Due Diligence Technical Due Diligence (TDD) is a detailed evaluation of a company’s technical side, including existing software and hardware products

The Three Levels of Due Diligence

2min read How much due diligence is enough? While there are many checklists and rules of thumb surrounding the process of due diligence, the endpoint

Beyond Due Diligence

2min read Completing your due diligence with care before investing in a startup is an indisputable rule in the world of investing. However, to ensure

Doing Your Due Diligence

2 min read There are several approaches to due diligence. The most common is the “Thorough Approach” in which you review each aspect of the

The Due Diligence Box

2 min read The Due Diligence Box: What Is It and How to Prepare One. After an investor expresses interest in funding your deal, the

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