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Technical Due Diligence

2 min read Technical Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence (TDD) is a detailed evaluation of a company’s technical side, including existing software and hardware products and those in development.

Potential investors must gather detailed information about a prospective company to highlight any potential risks associated with their investment.

While the Technical Due Diligence process may seem intimidating to some small business owners initially, it is, in fact, a routine step.

If efficiently planned and executed, a TDD should be able to answer investor questions in easy-to-understand terms.

Whether you are a potential investor, or a startup new to the process, the following article provides an insightful take on making the process work.

When embarking on the TDD process, investors typically want to know about 4 major areas:

Strategy: Do the company and its product(s) fit within the investor’s overall growth objectives? Does the company’s own strategy match up with the investors’ strategy?

Quality: Are there quality issues with the company’s product that will require fixing? If product development or fixes are needed, what are the expected costs?

Growth:  Is the company or its product poised for growth? What roadblocks would hinder growth in terms of labor, manufacturing, infrastructure, and development? Can the product be scaled?

Stability:  Are the company founders and their employees in it for the long haul? Are their processes organized and well-documented? Are there contingency plans and redundancies in case of an unforeseen event?

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