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Pitching Your Startup

2 min read Pitching your startup is one of the most important aspects of landing new investors. Emphasizing your story, growth, and competitive advantage helps

How to Write a Pitch Deck

2 min read When venturing into raising funding, every startup needs to know how to write a pitch deck. The following is a listing of

Presenting Your Pitch Deck

2 min read Presenting Your Pitch Deck: what you need to know. A pitch deck is an essential tool to have when looking for funding

Pitching Angel Investors

2 min read Pitching to Angel Investors: Competition & Competitive Advantage If you want an investor to stop listening to your pitch presentation or stop

Thinking Like an Investor

2 min read A start-up’s ability to close an investor can make or break the company; to tie up the deal successfully and efficiently, you

Writing an Elevator Pitch

2 min read Writing an Elevator Pitch In pitching your startup for funding, you’ll find many opportunities to engage investors. However, not all opportunities will

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