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How to Use Mailers to Assess Engagement

2 min read You have a good list. Next, you need to introduce your deal to the investors and demonstrate why it’s a good deal. The operative word here is “DEMONSTRATE.”  Most startups tell the investor why it’s going to be a good deal – great product, great team, great market, great future, etc. The key is you have to SHOW them it’s a great deal by highlighting the traction with customers, the experience and ongoing work of the team, and the improvements on the product.

Investors see dozens of deals every day.  You can stand out by remembering one thing: Everyone promises – only a few deliver.

What is an Investor?

Every startup has a great future. Every startup promises the moon.  So what does the investor do? The investor looks for evidence of meeting milestones, a sense of momentum behind the deal. Your outreach to the investor is a campaign – not a one-time contact. You must demonstrate that you have traction. The team must be doing great things. The product must be progressing. If you can’t do anything unless you have a $500K, then this is going to get tough.

You have to show you can do things with little or no funding.

Your campaign mailers need to tell your story. Over the next four mailers, you need to showcase your story and how it works. Investors are busy, and they don’t have time to read 5000-word emails. They’ll read a half-page, maybe a little more and that is it. It would be best if you told your story over a series of emails as we work our way into the busy lives of the investor. Break the story down into smaller pieces and schedule them out so the investor can see progress being made weekly.


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