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Investing in Diversity

2 min read  Investing in Diversity

As an investor, it’s essential to consider investing in human and social capital.

Research suggests that investing in human and social capital alongside traditional capital is most predictive of any startup’s success. Data shows that having diversity on a team benefits a startup’s performance. An additional dataset from the likes of McKinsey, American Express, and the Kauffman Foundation shows that diversity makes for better financial outcomes for a company. Given the data, looking at diverse teams should be a priority for investors.

Here are a few benefits of investing in team diversity:

  • Superior decision-making and problem-solving

Diverse backgrounds mean diverse solutions being brought to the table. This leads to a more informed and well-rounded decision-making process and improved results from the team.
Increased innovation

  • A diverse team is a melting pot of ideas.

People with different backgrounds and views will bring different solutions to a problem. This, in turn, pushes innovation forward.

  • More talent and skills

Individuals from different backgrounds each bring in their own set of skills, talents, and experiences. Not only does this increase performance, but it also creates a natural learning environment in which team members can learn from each other.

  • A larger talent pool and long-term employees

Diversity means attracting more candidates. A progressive company is attractive to prospective employees who value equality and higher employee retention is likely with a more diverse team.

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