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What’s Getting Funded?

The Coronavirus Impact on What’s Getting Funded

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The Coronavirus pandemic impacts what venture capital funds are investing in.

We’ll see changes in the following ways:

Goods and services deemed ‘essential’ will receive funding such as cannabis, CBD, and hemp. Alcohol will see increased funding as well.

In the wellness category, smoking cessation, nutritional supplements and other products that strengthen the immune system will be attractive to investors.

For Fintech, digital payments, and Insurance-tech will attract investors as it eliminates physical cash and moves transactions online.

In biotech, vaccines and virus detection will see increased funding.

Remote-work software and online-engagement tools for gyms, educational institutions and others will see strong interest.

For healthcare, equipment in critical demand will receive funding such as medical supplies, medical equipment, diagnostics and tele-health systems.

Supply chain services and logistics such as automated ordering, AI-based systems, and delivery to the home will receive funding. Supply-chain-visibility startups will see strong interest as well.

In general, online content and engagement such as tele-health, tele-physical training, and tele-education will receive funding.

Finally, automation in warehouses, data centers and robotics will see investor interest.

Robotics and AI were once perceived as destroying jobs but will increasingly be viewed as a necessity.

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