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VC Profile: Mercato Partners

Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah

Sectors: Enterprise Software, Software, Hardware + Software, Ad Tech, Healthcare, Consumer

Description: Founded in 2006 Mercato Partners is a Utah-based growth equity fund that pursues investments in high technology and consumer businesses nationwide. They are looking for companies that are on the path to sustainable cash flow with $10 to $50 million in revenue. Mercato generally invests in later financings as a minority shareholder and are active participants in company’s growth.

“Working shoulder to shoulder with talented management teams, Mercato has helped create value for founders and shareholders and has built one of the highest returning growth equity funds in the nation.”

Recent Investments:

  • Stance $30M / Series D (Lead)
  • SteelHouse $49M / Venture (Lead)
  • Sphero $45M / Series E (Lead)
  • Stance $50M / Series C


As principal at Mercato, Ryan Sanders has the relevant experience to interact with the companies and investors Mercato seeks, along with a rich network of contacts in Texas. Prior to Mercato Partners, Ryan was a principal at Escalate Capital Partners, a leading mezzanine firm focused on investing in high growth, later-stage technology companies. Before joining Escalate, Ryan worked as a business operations manager with Comcast Converged Products, helping Comcast launch its next-generation X1 platform.

Previously, Ryan was a founder and held various management positions at The University of Texas Golf Club. Ryan began his career as an entrepreneur and was a founder and board member of Calixus, a venture–backed software company in the online media industry (acquired by Media News Group).

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