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VC Profile: Chris Shonk of ATX Seed Ventures

Headquarters: Austin, Texas

SectorsSoftware, Enterprise Software, Consulting

Description: Founded in 2014, ATX Seed Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund
created by expert entrepreneurs serving emerging entrepreneurs. ATX Seed Ventures gives
founders what they need most: access to capital, contacts and experience at the seed stage, in
the context of hands-on support that sets the stage for success. Every limited partner is a
successful entrepreneur. They know what it is like to stand between sales and operations, make
hard calls as active CEOs, founders and directors, to create wildly successful businesses out of

ATX Seed Ventures is more than a VC, it is the most impactful partnership an Austin startup could be a part of

Recent Investments:

  • KEY Concierge $3.75M / Series A
  • AlertMedia $4M / Series A
  • PrideBites $700k / Seed
  • Bractlet $885k / Series A



Chris Shonk is a general partner at ATX Seed Ventures. He started his first business at fourteen, was named the Special Forces Soldier of the Year, co-founded an investment bank, and has operated, advised, and invested in consumer service and tech companies for over a decade. He has been interviewed by Business Week, Inc. MagazineEntrepreneur MagazineThe Wall Street JournalFast Company, and Forbes. Chris is a graduate of the Acton School of Business and was the first alumnus to start an endowment to offer other deserving entrepreneurs the opportunity to change the world.

He knows what it means to take decisive action. Chris has Learned from the world’s most elite Military operators, the ten years spent operating, advising, and investing in companies, and the entrepreneurs he serves.

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