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Travis Farese 0f Real AI

Real AI is an Austin based commercial real estate acquisitions platform. They leverage big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to source, evaluate and close investment opportunities for their clients. In combination with their organizational specialization and team based approach, their technology enables account executives to cover 10X more territory remotely.

Travis is a successful entrepreneur, multifamily investor and engineer. Travis understood that some of the best deals don’t ever make it to market. He believed that data science, digital technology and people could do a better job at uncovering this hidden value and built what he called his AI acquisitions machine. He soon found that others, many others, felt the same pain. Real AI was born.

Recently, we welcomed Founder/CEO Travis Farese to join us on the  Investor Connect podcast to speak about his company and more about the landscape of AI in today’s real estate industry.

Excerpts from the interview:

The current state of AI for commercial real estate- AI machine learning is starting to be applied more to residential real estate.

How much funding is being applied- big tech companies are pouring money into data science signals that there’s a big future in this particular field and it’s a distinct programming methodology.

The major challenges being faced- the challenge really is access to data. So there is an interest in understanding how to build a predictive model around the estimated Cap-Ex required in an investment opportunity and automated type of way.

Listen to the full episode with Travis Farese

You can find Real AI at

Travis can be reached on LinkedIn at



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