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The Importance of Persistence and the Customer

Until you know what it takes to achieve success from your customers’ perspective you will just waste valuable time. – Jason Whitehead

For many startups the customer is an important piece in the puzzle that is your business’s success. In order to be successful, think of the business and the customer as a companionship that will ultimately mold the future of your startup. This companionship takes time and dedication because it takes unbelievable effort to get it just right. In the beginning, it may not be clear what the majority of your customer base wants and seeks. It’s your job to find out. The key is continuing your relationship with the customer and seeking both the trials and the errors as you grow alongside your customers and clients.

You must always be aware of your customer.

You’ll need to get out there and figure out their wants.

You’ll need to pick apart what they’re really looking for.

Unfortunately, a lot of startups tend to enter into their respective spaces with blinders on. It’s easy to become so focused on the product and what your team is building that customers take a backseat to the company’s vision. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to bring your best product to the general market without listening to the customers first. Putting the customer in 2nd place can also cost you some valuable and irreplaceable time. So, always listen to what the customer has to say, even if you don’t agree at first.

Persistence is key. You’ll be wearing many hats as an entrepreneur and that’s one of the most exciting parts of running a startup. However, the focus should always remain on the customer, regardless of how many hats are worn. Persistence will drive your relationship with your customer base and your customers will appreciate the effort. They will appreciate the effort because you are working toward something that works for them. The customer is the single most important person that will propel your business and your product forward into success.

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