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The Future of Vaccines

1 min read As the world works toward a vaccine, COVID has the potential to shape what the future of vaccines looks like. It’s not so far-fetched to say that, in terms of medicine, things will never be the same.

Of the many emerging trends we see in terms of medicine and the future of vaccines, is the belief that AI-enabled technologies will allow for more rapid drug development. These tools will likely aid in shortened timelines and lower costs for developing drugs and vaccines alike.

Another exciting development we see as a result of COVID is the trend of conducting clinical trials remotely. Remote tests have traditionally been a challenge because centers have had to enroll patients, and then for every check-in or check up the patient has had to physically enter the center.

However, if you can recruit and screen patients remotely, you can have quicker, more efficient, and more convenient trials.
The ability to change how clinical trials are done will dramatically affect how drugs and vaccines conduct their trials.

New developments will speed up the clinical trial process. The quicker tests become, the faster humanity can find solutions to health-related challenges.

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