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Space Tech: The New Investment Frontier

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For the first time in human history, 2020 has seen the launch of a commercial rocket carrying passengers into space. This would have been considered “science fiction” not long ago.

Today, space tech is a lot less “fiction” and a lot more science. Even more importantly, investors are taking notice.

The space tech and exploration sectors have seen an explosion of activity in recent years. Investors are flocking to startups that want to be on the cutting edge of a new era. Many investors now see countless opportunities in space colonization because it is no longer a matter of “if”, but “when.”

Leaders like Elon Musk are pushing humans toward the next step of exploring the stars. This drive has created an ecosystem that dozens of companies are being built to support. We’re even seeing plans to build out hotels in space.

One example is a company called Axiom. They provide crew missions aboard the International Space Station today, while building the commercial space station of tomorrow. Axiom will be the first private company to take control of building out the new international space station, something NASA typically controls.

That said, with every new venture comes challenges. One thing investors have pointed out is that the next hurdle for commercial space travel is going to be building out a true communications infrastructure that safely allows for and regulates the ability of space travelers to communicate with each other and with those back on earth. As SpaceX has shown us, however, we are ready to leap out into this new frontier and explore the new opportunities awaiting us.

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