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John Pope and James Walker of Welldog

Founded in 1999, WellDog’s mission is to drive global sustainability through georesource innovation. 

Welldog strives to achieve this mission by excelling in three areas:

  1. Technical Innovation
  2. Business Model Innovation
  3. World Class Customer Focus

WellDog was founded on the premise that innovative technologies can facilitate a future of sustainable energy resource development.

Responsible, efficient exploration and production of energy has become a highly technical undertaking. Innovative technical services offer an unparalleled opportunity to improve that process, thereby reducing environmental impact, increasing safety and improving producers’ speed and profitability.

WellDog has built a reputation for adapting cutting-edge technology to create practical, easy-to-adopt technical solutions for key resource evaluation and production challenges.

WellDog is an energy-focused technical services company that developed its own patented, proven Reservoir Raman chemical sensing systems to provide commercial reservoir analysis services for coal, gas, alternative and conventional resources.

Building on the strength of those services and the company’s world-wide customer focus, WellDog now develops, sources, advances and manages a diverse set of innovative technical solutions. The company focuses on platform technologies that enable solutions to address the critical needs of today’s unconventional and alternative energy industries in a high volume, low cost manner.

Excerpts from the interview:

John and James talk briefly about their background before WellDog, and how they got into the unconventional oil and gas space. James explains how, as the oil and gas industry has plateaued, technology-driven companies like WellDog are providing critical tools for growth.

John explains how WellDog has helped oil and gas companies deal with price challenges in two ways. New technologies can increase both supply chain and business operation efficiencies, together with exploration and production efficiencies.

Listen to the full episode with John Pope and James Walker

You can find Welldog at

John can be reached on LinkedIn at

James can be reached on LinkedIn at

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