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How to Tell A Story

2 min read How to tell a story.

What makes a story?

At its core, a story consists of a beginning, middle, and end. If it’s a good story, that beginning, middle, and end will take you on a journey.

If it’s a great story, it’s likely one you will never forget. So, what does the art of storytelling have to do with your startup?

The ability to tell a story gives you the means to make your company memorable.

When pitching your business plan, use the story format for a more significant impact and as a way to connect with investors.

  1. Start with the problem you faced in the industry (the beginning).
  2. Show how you couldn’t find a solution (the middle).
  3. Show how you created your solution (the middle).
  4. Highlight the challenges you overcame (the end).
  5. Show the current business status and your upcoming plans (the end).

After you address the issue of not finding a solution, be sure to show how others are now coming to you for that solution. Along the way, you can talk about how you built the team and chose a go-to-market strategy.

Remember, it’s about taking the investor on a journey, so make it as memorable as possible.

Each element of the story should highlight one aspect of the business plan.

When contemplating how to tell a story to your investors, remember to keep your audience engaged throughout the pitch. Make sure your presentation has direction and that there’s a beginning and an ending. This makes the journey worth it.

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