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Fundraise Challenges

1 min read When beginning your fundraise, you will quickly find that there are fundraise challenges at every stage. That said, the challenge for each round of the raise can be very different.


At the seed round, the challenge is to convince the investor you can sell the product.

At this stage, investors look for evidence that you can build and sell the product to customers. Customer interactions are important because it demonstrates to investors you are already in discussions learning about the customer’s needs.

It’s helpful to have a list of twenty such customers and highlight your interactions with them and show your plan to build the product and close them.

Series A

At the Series A round, you must convince the investor you can grow the business.

At this stage, investors look for evidence that you have systems in place for growing sales and building products.

They look for processes that create a repeatable, predictable outcome. For example, your customer acquisition process shows a consistent conversion rate.

Series B

At the Series B round, you must convince the investor you can scale the business.

At this stage, investors look to see you are now working on programs and processes that take your customer acquisition, sales, and product building to a new level.

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