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Five Things Investors Love to Hear in a Pitch

1 min read What are some things Investors love to hear in a pitch?

Investors hear pitches continually throughout the year. There are so many that it can be hard to truly hear them all.

But, from time to time, an entrepreneur will make a pitch that stands out from the crowd.

Investors are listening for a few key things that show you have a real business with real growth. The rest is filler.

Every entrepreneur has a story. Many are interesting; some are not.

For investing purposes, there has to be five key elements to capture their interest:

Real Traction

Entrepreneurs who have sales and show it are head and shoulders above the rest. Most talk about the traction they will have in the FUTURE but not what they have today. In an investor’s mind, this equates to “No Traction.”

Real Pain Point

The entrepreneur has found a real pain point in the market and is filling it. Someone once said, customers pay for pain to go away. They don’t pay for nuisances or inconveniences.

Real Team

The company has someone building it and someone selling it, and those team members know what they are doing.

Real Product

The product works and is non-trivial to build. It’s more than just spin marketing.

Real Growth Prospects

The market opportunity has strong growth potential and will not run out of steam in a year or two.

A startup pitching with each of these elements in place will always capture the investor’s attention.

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Hall T. Martin is the founder and CEO of the TEN Capital Network. TEN Capital has been connecting startups with investors for over ten years. You can connect with Hall about fundraising, business growth, and emerging technologies via LinkedIn or email:

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