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Eric Smith of AppBrilliance

At AppBrilliance, they believe that the next-big-thing in tech is the disruption of the trillion-dollar financial industry by nimble technology companies and major platform providers such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple.

Their platform unlocks the future of money by removing the barriers between technology companies and the financial institutions where people bank today.

Excerpts from the interview:

Eric’s pointers for first-time investors that want to invest in the fin-tech space. According to Eric, it’s a challenging space to invest in because there is a pretty broad disconnect between the traction that you need to have and the ability to scale.

What the next stage of industry evolution is- blockchain technology is going to play a very important role as the industry starts to evolve. It just really creates a transparent way to accept funds and record those transactions so you’re able to fully maintain precise transactional data when you’re using the blockchain .

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