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Coronavirus Economy Trends: Sports

In the Coronavirus lockdown we’re seeing trends that will establish the next cycle of startup innovation.

While physical events for esports have been canceled and future events may be postponed, in general, esports continues with online activity.

Online competitive gaming will continue to accelerate through platforms such as Twitch.

Online access provides more opportunities to engage the audience and allow for audience communication with each other.

Startups in this area will find investor interest if they provide the following:

Physical arena sports such as football, basketball, and baseball will go on hold with esports taking over as the audience moves to online viewing.

Imposed quarantine has increased consumer playtime.

Software development for games carry on with remote workers.

While already underway, there’s an accelerating shift to online sports. Some sports programs such as Formula One are creating virtual events to showcase their events.

We may see traditional sports teams in football, basketball and baseball launch a virtual version of their team to continue to play in the rapidly-growing esports market.

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