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Coronavirus Accelerates Changes Already Underway

While the Coronavirus brings a lock-down in the movement of people, it doesn’t point to an altered future, but rather an accelerated one.

The Coronavirus will accelerate changes in the economy that are underway.

We were already shifting the supply chain to include home delivery of groceries and every day items.

The Coronavirus lock down only speeds the shift.

Amazon and other suppliers are hiring thousands of workers to meet the acceleration.

Education was already moving online and will only do so more now that schools have cancelled classes and sent students home to log onto their computers.

Businesses were already moving to video conferencing and remote worker organizations. 

The coronavirus ‘stay at home’ mandates across the globe encourage more users of Zoom and remote worker software.

Healthcare was already moving to “telehealth”-based care. 

The overload of coronavirus patients on the healthcare system will increase usage of that model. 

The coronavirus is moving our economy to the next generation and while it may be painful in the short run, it’s inevitable in the long run.

As a startup, think about how your company can be a part of the next economy.

It’s here.

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