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Company Spotlight: Jac Saltzgiver of Trago

Check out our exclusive interview with Trago CEO, Jac Saltzgiver.

Where are you from originally?

Colorado Springs, CO

What university did you go to?

Wake Forest University – Go Deacs!

What is the idea behind your startup?

Two main ideas behind Trago:

  1. Hydration data is a valuable data set that is currently missing from the broader health equation
  2.  Personalized hydration is the next evolution of a $7 Billion reusable water bottle industry
What need does it fulfill?

Most of us know we should drink MORE water but have no idea how much we should or how much we do drink. We often forget. And although we generally know that hydration is a good thing, we have no data to help us understand how it effects our performance, energy, heart rate, metabolism and our sleep. What exactly does it do?

Trago measures how much you drink and connects with devices like Fitbit and Apple Healthkit to understand your body type, local weather, and activity level to recommend the perfect amount to drink each day. Then, Trago’s free mobile app keeps you on pace throughout the day and adjust your fluid consumption goals based on your day to day weather and activity.

Who is it for?

Trago is for anyone looking to improve their peak performance – at work, in the gym, on the road, or on the field. We like to say, “people who sweat”. We are largely targeting the “Athliesure” and health and wellness markets, but Healthcare and Corporate Wellness are both solid markets for us as well.

What was the most challenging aspect of starting up?

Developing a market leading iOT product from skratch on a low budget.

What is the next step for you and your business?

Next steps are to open up a lot of distribution channels, innovate around our product offering, and SELL a TON of water bottles 🙂

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs?

If you think you get to the top on your own, you probably have a very selective memory.

What resource have you found to be the most helpful and why?

Our mentors and our partners. Because no amount of reading, education, ideas or “plans” are a substitute for experience and relationships.

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