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Blockchain Technology: Cryptocurrency

1 min read Cryptocurrency in the Fintech Space.

Fintech is a giant industry that spans lots of different segments. When you say FinTech, you’re talking about insurance tech, Paymentech, banking tech, lending tech, and data. However, you are also talking about cryptocurrency companies such as Coinbase or Circle.

What is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a form of currency used for digital transactions. Transactions using cryptocurrency are managed and recorded by a noncentralized technology known as the blockchain. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are not new. In fact, they consist of some of the easiest classes in today’s computer sciences. But while crypto has been around for a long time, it has just begun to make its way into the eye of the general public.

Investors Using Bitcoin

Bitcoin, a commonly known cryptocurrency, has started to become a legitimate store of value for institutional investors. This move to cryptocurrency by institutional investors is likely due to the degree to which people are worried about large government deficits potentially depreciating the value of the dollar. Using Bitcoin in particular as a store of value acts as a hedge against inflation.

Bitcoin is even now being used as an actual transactional currency. This can add real value to cross-border transactions, especially where there are frictions between changing currencies.

Resistance to Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology certainly has proven merits. However, there are a lot of regulatory conversations and discussions around the tokenization of some of the companies implementing this technology. As there always is when it comes to changing age-old practices, there is resistance to the widespread implementation of blockchain technology to enhance the use of cryptocurrency in the everyday marketplace.

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