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8 Reasons Why You Want to be an Advisor

Startups and growth companies need help to find their path forward.  Experienced CEOs and entrepreneurial executives can provide mentorship and coaching to those companies.  There are many reasons to sign up as an advisor and help those startup CEOs.  There will be some financial gain to working as an advisor but don’t go into it with only a financial return in mind. Here are 8 benefits to being an advisor:

1. Get Energized

Energize yourself by working with smart, fast-paced teams—there’s no greater energy in the business world than in the startup and the high growth company.  As an advisor you can energize yourself by working with startups filled with smart, faced-paced teams.

2. Keep up With Innovations in the Market

Startups are not encumbered with legacy code or out dated practices so they adopt the latest innovations in the market.  If you want to find innovation, hang out with the startups.

3. Hone Your Skills

Most CEOs exercise only a few skills each day in their work.  To build other skills you may find working with a startup a great way to flex new creative muscles.

4. Find New Opportunities

Today’s startups are tomorrow’s growth companies.  Connecting early is the best way to find new opportunities.

5. Learn About New Markets

Startups form around new markets.  There’s no better way to learn about a market then to join a startup in the industry.

6. Access a New Industry

Startups often represent new and emerging industries.  To play in those new spaces often means working with startups and growth companies not big companies with well-paying jobs.

7. Expand Your Network

Join a startup as an advisor as it will introduce you to new groups and communities.

8. Give Back to the Community

Helping startups is a great way to give back to the community as it fosters growth in new leadership and helps build new companies for the future.

TEN Capital Network is proud to announce our Advisory Program which provides a roster of qualified advisors to assist in supporting companies in their growth plan. This includes increasing revenue traction, identifying the business model, and helping prepare the company for a fund raise.

Signing up as an advisor with TEN is easy and free. Visit our Advisory Program Page and you’ll be on your way to getting energized, finding new opportunities, expanding your network, learning about emerging markets, and more!

If you want to find an advisor for your business, please contact us at

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