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5 More Blogs for Cryptocurrency Investors

If we are learning anything about the crypto world, it’s that it is continually evolving and growing, and that we always have more to learn. Previously, we shared the Top 5 Blogs for Cryptocurrency Investors, but with so much information available we’ve decided to give you five more to keep you in the know.

CryptoTicker: Crypto Ticker is a news outlet covering everything from cryptography, futurism, and artificial intelligence, to blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies. They are a collective of free-thinking experts from all corners of the world, sharing their knowledge with the community. They bring you news, expert opinions, interviews, documentaries, and announcements to get the best of the digital era. hails itself as the premier place for all things Bitcoin. You can buy, use, and store your Bitcoin securely, as well as interact with a community of like-minded individuals. They also provide the latest and greatest news as well as tools and up-to-date pricing.

Bitcoinist: Bitcoinist offers a wealth of information on everything from blockchain technology, Bitcoin, and digital currency, to news specifically geared to the wants and needs of their audience. They give data on the latest in consumer and financial technology and their reporters seek out breaking news about hardware, software, and business applications of new technologies.  

Crypto Insider: Crypto Insider has a host of skilled and knowledgeable writers from around the world. While they don’t post daily news alerts on the world of cryptocurrency, they do take a less-is-more approach and select topics to thoroughly analyze and report thoughtfully.  Their mission is to maintain high journalistic standards.

CryptoNinjas: This site provides market research and global news related to cryptocurrency. They are a go-to source for industry members as well as investors. They write about sector news and business developments, along with reports and analysis on the crypto market and token economy.

LizaLiza Dickinson is a freelance virtual assistant, writer, and master of keeping people organized. She coordinates TEN Funding events and manages TEN social media outreach. 

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