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Ben Bennett of Omnitude

State of the Crypto and Blockchain Market
The cryptocurrency market is currently going through a large correction.

Businesses that have raised money through cryptocurrency are either delivering on their promises and prevailing or failing due to lack of having a product in place and lack of skills to take the product to market.

Since some of these companies have been more of a cash grab rather than a legit business model, there have been a lot of victims in the correction of the market.

The days of making quick money off the back of ICO investments and then cashing out quickly are gone. So, the real use case and the real value of what the technology can deliver are now going to come to fruition.

With the correction of the market, middleware, which Omnitude focuses on, is a big opportunity in this particular market since there hasn’t been a lot of recent innovation in the middleware space.

Challenges of Bringing Middleware to the Space
From a technical perspective, it’s about understanding what’s out there for you to build upon and having a proposal that is scalable.

Blockchain is still very much a confusing space and looked down upon because it lacks a broad enough education on the benefits for the enterprise.

There’s a long way to go before people are confident in their understanding of what the technology can do and how it can benefit their business and their customers.

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