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Maggie Sprenger of Green Cow Venture Capital

Advice for Investing in the Tech Sector
A lot of people are shying away from investing right now. This is understandable given the current world climate with COVID. It feels scary out there with all the uncertainty; however, that doesn’t mean that there are no exciting opportunities left.

Some funds, like Green Cow, are currently focused on recession, resiliency, and seeing meaningful growth. There are also interesting things happening in other verticals, like real estate.

While it is important to avoid haste around any investment decision, people should be looking at the valuation dips as well as sectors that are seeing growth. There are some extraordinary companies doing extraordinary things. To be inactive out of fear or lack of research is a huge missed opportunity.

Investment Thesis
Green Cow Venture Capital invests in seed-stage companies that are using technologies such as:

They specifically look at companies that use these technologies to solve problems of scarcity or inefficiency.

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