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Ben Jones of Skipcart

The Last Mile Delivery Space

Ben originally had no intention of getting into the space or working in tech. However, when the Amazon and Whole Foods acquisition happened, one of Ben’s friends that worked for a large retailer in Texas suggested that, in order to compete with Amazon, the company needed to get into delivery space. The logic behind entering that space was that grocery delivery was becoming the next level of eCommerce.

The Amazon acquisition was a major change in the industry which revealed that grocery delivery was the next big step to take.

Ben saw this as an opportunity and learned that, over the past 5 to 10 years, there hadn’t been much advancement in the space.

Getting into last-mile delivery meant pioneering the ability to take groceries to the customer on a level that was on a scale never seen before.

Advice for Investors

There’s a lot of different companies in the last-mile space. So, the major question to ask yourself is:

“How does this company compete with some of the major brands out there?“

It is important to know if the company is going to be able to keep up with the technology that is being put out there by the likes of:

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