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Impact of COVID-19 on the Chronic Pain Market

Chapter 1 Problems in The Chronic Pain Market

From an investor’s point of view, the chronic pain market is an exciting area to enter. Pain as a whole seems to have the most considerable discrepancy between the number of patients with various forms of pain and the number of patients with unmet needs. Added to this a severe lack of funding, putting the burden of the financial cost on our society. Because of this, the chronic pain market is an area that is primed for new solutions across the board, extending even beyond the ‘opioid crisis’ that we’re all familiar with by now.

The problem of pain goes back many decades before the opioid crisis. There have been broad, not effective strategies tried out over the years, but we have not had any real good solutions in a great deal of time. What is needed is for companies in this industry to develop better precision in their therapeutics. An example of this would be a treatment specifically for women in pain. This precision would lead to more rigorous, non-drug approaches towards pain.

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