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How We Invest Vol. VIII

Brent Ogilvie of Pacific Channel Limited

Advice for Investors in the Deep-tech Space
Stop and pause for a moment.

Don’t rush into an investment. Take a look at how companies you are considering investing in actually evolve.

Find someone who is thrilled by what they do but also has some scar tissue. You need to have someone that can understand the technology, but also there are layers beyond that in terms of making sure that you’ve got a predictable position and intellectual property patents.

Ask yourself
Advice for Startups

Having a good mix of skills is important. It’s also important to have the right team.

Be open to attracting other founders and working with investors that can help you scope out people with a mixed set of skills.

Typically, in this sector, investors get to see opportunities that are heavy in science and light in commercial capability. Pacific Channel Limited looks to work with companies that are open to help to build out the commercial part of the business.

It is very important to know what your strong points and your weak points are so that you can seek your investors accordingly.

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