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How We Invest Vol-VII

Jon Trauben of Altitude Investment Management

Advice for Investors in the Cannabis Sector
The cannabis industry is a different space because it’s in its creation phase.

It’s not about disrupting something else. With this new industry being developed and no precedent or historicals to look at, it becomes an effort to dig in and live this industry. It’s about understanding it on a granular, ground up, basis because the information flow and data sets are limited.

It’s hard to be a part-time investor in this space as you’re looking to gain exposure to this industry. The result is that if you want to invest in the industry, you either find and invest with managers that live and breathe this industry every day or you have to live and breathe it yourself.

It’s also important to understand the industry is a microcosm of the world in terms of it covering nearly all the verticals that exist.

Typically, we think about the industry in about 11 or 12 different verticals, but the result of that is there are opportunities in:

1. agtech
2. SAS tech
3. supply chain
4. data
5. advertising, media, and marketing
6. real estate
7. cultivation
8. manufacturing
9. retail

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