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Anton Golub of Flovtec

Advice for Investors in the Blockchain and Digital Assets Sector

The blockchain space and the digital-asset space are still in the early stages. A lot of the building blocks that are part of the vision of blockchain are actually just being built. Therefore the ambitious visions and ambitious projects that young and driven people pitch to the end investors are not reasonable, within the context of where we are.

This means it is important to stay realistic. Blockchain actually will change the world, but we are really at the early stages much like where we were during the 80s with the computer revolution. Investors should have reasonable expectations and allow the revolution to play out.

Industry Evolution

We’re going to start seeing some clarity with regards to regulation and how this new technology fits into old regulations. We will also begin to see new regulations emerge to embrace the benefits of blockchain technology.

Currently, there’s a lot of discussion between how to regulate this technology and the services offered on top of that technology. Moving forward there will likely not be any difference between unregulated or regulated services on top of blockchain technology, because all of it will be regulated.

Growth within the Sector

Looking at the growth rate over the last couple of years paired with regulatory transparency leads to even greater growth moving forward. People will finally understand where this technology brings immediate

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