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Ben Faubion of Reactive Canvas

Helping Startups and Growth Companies

A lot of companies value design and it has become an increasingly popular demand in recent years. Ben tends to take on the role of Designer Advisor and Design Director. Most companies do not have a design point person, so Ben’s goal is to take the company to the next level.

If the company has a working business and a working application, then Ben looks at ways that the company can improve some of its metrics in addition to ways to reach its goals.

The Current State of Design in Startup and Growth Companies

The word design is a lot more palatable than it was years ago.
People understand that design:

❏ Has brought a lot of value to the table

❏ That it’s a competitive advantage

❏ That it’s more than just visuals

Design is currently in a very mature state however, it’s sometimes hard for companies to know what to do with design at an early stage, especially if there is no director on board.

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