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How to Solve the Fintech Problem

Chapter 1: Growth in the Fintech Segment

According to Investopedia Fintech, derived from financial technology, refers to tech companies working to automate the delivery and use of financial services. This segment goes hand in hand with Insuretech which looks to overthrow the current industry models in the insurance industry in order to squeeze out extra profits. There are a lot of insurance aspects that are within the Fintech space, and there are a lot of Fintechs that are providing an insurance product as well.

These segments have many similarities, tend to exhibit growth together, and share investors.

Is Growth Being Observed?

Overall, the investment markets are hot these days. Interest rates are low and the money supply is at an all-time high both here in the US and around the world. There is about $100 trillion currently chasing yield in Wall Street. This has led equities to be in very high demand, for example, Apple has exceeded $2 trillion of value with others following suit like Microsoft, Amazon, Google. There’s a high level of interest in the market from a fundamental point of view, but now there is also a social element to investing with players such as WallStreetBets on Reddit and GameStop stepping up to the plate. This high level of activity inequities in general obviously spills over to all sorts of things, Fintech included…

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